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I’m Afura Nefertiti Fareed, a priestess of the magickal life who keeps the vibes high by helping biz witches, creatives and intuitives live in their fullest expression!

As a witchy business and lifestyle mentor, my passion is to help seekers take their lives and careers from mundane to magickal AF!

I’m a cat mom of three, an eclectic witch, and am obsessed with luxurious bathing rituals and eccentric home decor!

In my late 20’s, I can honestly say that I’ve found the path of my Highest Calling in life, and am enjoying this delicate dance of giving and receiving with the Universe, one day at a time!

I’m so thankful to get to spend my days supporting like-minded souls to navigate through the same kind of BS (belief systems) I worked through earlier in my journey… Only my clients get to up-level IN STYLE!

I’m the CEO of my business, OddSoul Designs, which began as a graphic design freelance brand, and has evolved to encompass The Wealthy Wise Witch label, a biz and lifestyle coaching service for modern mystics! I live and work from my dream luxury apartment in the artsy city of Buffalo, NY.

I’m obsessed with my mission to teach creatives and intuitives everywhere that balancing the elements,  and living by the Sun and Moon has the power to help them manifest the abundant life and biz they deserve! I’ve attracted the most creative and inspiring peers into my life, and am finally in my healthiest, happiest, wealiest and most connected place yet!

I actually wake up every day feeling that what I do is in direct alignment with my Highest Truth, and I greet my rewards and challenges alike with gratitude and a childlike sense of curiosity! …And I want you to have it all too!

I enjoy wining and dining on restaurant patios, long walks in nature, 90s witchy TV show reruns, and building an empire, one Tarot reading at a time!


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Ah, yes, life is good… But I wasn’t always this brightly shining magickal beacon of fairy dust and unicorn farts…

A few years back, I felt totally out of alignment with my Highest Calling.



Fire Element: I had so much passion and drive to make my natural gifts into a career, but I was totally burnt out and overwhelmed from trying to figure out how to brand myself on my own.

Water Element: I’d started doing yoga, meditating and doing rituals, but my self-worth game was sooo not on point, and I was stuck in patterns of co-dependent relationships. Ew!

Air Element: I’d had a spiritual awakening, but I found myself floundering in a sea of pagan and new age information overload! Scatterbrained with no sense of direction!

Earth Element: I was having a hard time #adulting, had a TON of negative money stories running my life, and I was the perpetual “starving artist.”

Spirit Element: I got sucked into that BS that spiritual people where meant to be complacent hippies, MacGyvering everything out of society’s hand-me-downs, and I had not quite gotten the “ask and you shall receive” memo…

Something HAD to give!

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My Magickal Moment of Truth

Learning to balance my elements and live by the Sun and Moon saved me from a fate worse than debt (aka getting a 9-5 lol)!

One day, I decided enough was enough! I got tired of pretending I was “going with the flow” and said to the Universe, “if I’m really meant to break the status quo and help the world through my creativity and compassion, then SHOW ME how to take care of myself so I can help make the world a better place for others!”

From that moment, miracles started happening! I shifted to a solution mindset. I got the courage to search for a home, lifestyle, companions and career that were TRULY in alignment with a higher sense of self worth… And just like magick, I happened upon the perfect apartment, community, and clients I needed at that time in my life!

It was at that moment that I realized fully, for the first time that magick was real, and I had the power to write my own story!


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I knew I was meant to live in my fullest possible expression, and that I was destined to share this wisdom with the world!

It was then that I discovered Shadow Work, Tarot, the Law of Attraction, and the Wheel of the Year, and began to transform my journal into a self-development tool.

It wasn’t long before I received an EPIC intuitive download and began to hone all my scattered creative skills and passions into a business!

I started crafting Magick Diaries and using my blog to teach other magickal folk how to combine spirituality with self-development through journaling and working with the forces of nature.

I finally had a platform and an offer that allowed me to live free from a part time job! It was literally a dream come true… but I was still really struggling to make consistent sales, and I was HUSTLING like nobody’s business!

I finally nixed that old BS about having to figure out how to DIY every part of my biz, and hired a coach… Out of nowhere, I was able to see that my highest value wasn’t just in my handcrafted products, but in the wisdom I had to share with the world! I manifested what would have been my 5 year goals in 6 months, and haven’t looked back!

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I realized that alllll of the spiritual practices, mindset hacks and biz lessons I’d learned along my journey were the perfect combination of tools to build a thriving life and biz…

And I’d finally mastered it into a cohesive system that actually worked… and I wanted everyone to have access to this life changing combination!

I naturally transitioned from an inuitive, creative entrepreneur… to a lifestyle and business coach for intuitive, creative entrepreneurs!

At first, I was resistant to owning the title “coach,” because I was afraid that everyone in the artsy and witchy world would be too stubborn to accept help from someone who was charging a respectable fee to teach them something they were hell-bent on figuring out on their own… Or by bartering sticks and stones (LOL)! But as soon as I came out of the Biz Witch broom closet, I discovered that those fears were just MY old BS! It turned out that I had kindred spirits out there in desperate need of a helping hand, who were more than willing to accept it from me!

Within a year of devoting myself to serving my business and lifestyle clients, I more than tripled my income, said adios to that looming fear of having a bad month and having to go work at Hooters, and am nothing but super excited for the BIG lifestyle goals I’m now manifesting… All while working with the most enchanting, heart-centered clients, mentors and colleagues a girl could ever ask for!

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And now, its your turn!

What is your true calling in life?

What is holding you back from living your daily life in alignment with your magickal path?

What are your true magickal gifts that will create positive change in your life and in the world?

What action do you need to take to bridge the gap between meditation and manifestation?

When are you going to begin the transformation into the path of your Highest Calling?

If you’re ready to step into your power, awaken your magick, and learn how to align your goals with the natural rhythms of the Universal Clock, you’ve come to the right place!


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