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Introducing Work It, Witch Radio!

Your source for enchanting inspiration from the most magickal mavens on the internet!

…With your host Afura Nefertiti, your guide for taking your life and biz from mundane to magickal! In this series, we’re chatting with online spiritual boss babes and biz witches as we share our best biz tips and magickal mindset hacks… And you can TOTALLY come sit with us! We’re getting real about the journey and raising the vibes, because creatives and intuitives are born to change the world!

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I’m Afura Nefertiti Fareed, a priestess of the magickal life who keeps the vibes high by helping biz witches, creatives and intuitives live in their fullest expression!

As a witchy business and lifestyle mentor, my passion is to help seekers take their lives and careers from mundane to magickal AF!

I’m a cat mom of three, an eclectic witch, and feel most at home spending time in nature and creating whimsical art!

In my late 20’s, I can honestly say that I’ve found the path of my Highest Calling in life, and am enjoying this delicate dance of giving and receiving with the Universe, one day at a time!

I’m so thankful to get to spend my days supporting like-minded souls to navigate through the same kind of BS (belief systems) I worked through earlier in my journey… Only my clients get to up-level IN STYLE!

I’m the CEO of my business, OddSoul Designs, which began as a graphic design freelance brand, and has evolved into a biz and lifestyle coaching service for modern mystics! I live and work from my dream solo apartment in the artsy city of Buffalo, a minute’s walk from the hippiest strip in town (making my Inner Child proud)!

I’m obsessed with my mission to teach creatives and intuitives everywhere that balancing the elements,  and living by the Sun and Moon has the power to help them manifest the abundant life and biz they deserive! I’ve attracted the most creative and inspiring peers into my life, and am finally in the healthiest, happiest, and most connected place yet!

I actually wake up every day feeling that what I do is in direct alignment with my Highest Truth, and I greet my rewards and challenges alike with gratitude and a childlike sense of curiosity! …And I want you to have it all too!

I enjoy wining and dining on restaurant patios, long walks in nature, 90s witchy TV show reruns, and building an empire, one Tarot reading at a time!

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