Soul Session Questionnaire

I am holding space for you to live out your wildest dreams!

I am NOT holding space for you to stay stuck.

If you come to me for support in reaching a goal of any kind, I will do my very best to facilitate your movement through that transition. What I will not do is sit back and watch you hang out in fear zone or analysis paralysis.

If you’re someone who quits when the going gets tough, I can’t help you… But if you are someone who is ready to rise to the challenge of your Highest Calling, integrating the lessons of fear as part of your wealth of wisdom… If you welcome a loving witch-slap from someone who wants nothing more than to see you succeed… If you feel the fear, and do it anyway… you have come to the right place!

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Ready To Crush Your Goals Like A Boss Witch?

Please fill out this short questionnaire, and I’ll hit you up shortly to give you the deets for our free Soul Session call!

Please save the PDF file to your device, fill it in, save it and email it as an attachment to

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