5 Days of December Book of Shadows Challenge


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Happy December!
Are you ready to bring in the Winter Solstice Season in style? I know I am! So many of us are “crazy busy” and don’t get around to making the time to enjoy the seasons before they pass us by!
Well, this December, I CHALLENGE you to make it happen… In your book of shadows!
Join the 5 Days of December Book of Shadows Challenge!
I’ve created this challenge for people like us, who love to embrace the powerful energy of the Winter season, and need a little kick in the pants to carve out the time to create a little ritual around working on our Book of Shadows each day!

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How It Works:
  • This challenge will run from Monday, December 11th to Friday the December 15th!
  • Each day, we will have about 24 hours to create one Book of Shadows page for the theme of that day.
  • The theme for each day will be announced the night before the day you’ll create the BOS page.
  • Your page can be done any way you want, as long as it fits the theme, comes from the heart, and fits on one page! (Or two pages with the center fold in the middle.)
  • It will be announced via email and in our Facebook group each day.
  • Post a picture of your page in the FB group by 10AM EST the morning after the full day you got to work on it.
  • For extra points, also post each picture on Instagram with #decBOSchallenge and follow and tag @gypsywytchdiaries
  • Also, extra points for engaging with the other group members and with the seasonal tips videos I post each day of the challenge!
  • Winner will be announced by Monday, December 25th!
  • Each day, I will post a designated thread in the FB group for that day of the challenge. You’ll post your picture only on that thread! Images posted elsewhere may be disqualified!
  • You must be signed up via the submission form on THIS PAGE to be eligible to win the prize, and to ensure you get all of the information for the challenge!
Eyes On The Prize!

The real reward is taking the time each day to do your journaling ritual, connecting with the seasonal themes, attuning your energy to nature, and creating beautiful pages for your Book of Shadows, but…


One winner will be selected to win this magickal bundle from my shop! Prize includes a hand painted pentacle journal, a set of Faerie writing paper, and a $20 gift card to my shop!
I’ll be selecting a winner based on:
  • Submitting your pictures on time.
  • Creativity, originality, and most importantly, GENUINE self expression!
  • Posting your pictures in the right threads.
  • MUST be subscribed to the mailing list for this challenge by submitting your email address into the form on THIS PAGE.
  • Engagement with our videos and with the other members of our group.
  • Extra points considered for sharing and tagging your pics on Instagram!
All you have to do to get started is:
  • join the FB group (if you haven’t done so already)
  • Submit your email address below.
  • Wait to hear from me on Sunday night!

 So exited! See you in the group!!!