7 True Haunted Tales Told By A Real Witch

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Do you believe in ghosts?

Personally, I don’t… I know, I know, not a popular answer for a witch. But what I do believe is that we each manifest access to the realms of human experience that are ideal for our unique avenues of spiritual growth, so I respect and hold space for the stories of those who do have experience with spirits and entities… because anything is possible!

In this Alchemy Of Affluence podcast interview, I’m joined by my friend and mentor, Kristen Jett, who is full of chilling as well as heart warming tales of spirit contact that she’s experienced in her life.

Warning: This episode gets CREEPY, so pop some popcorn, light some candles and pour yourself a cider. Here we go! 




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Thirsty for more November’s Eve magick?

I’ve dedicated a big chunk of my career to harnessing the energies of each of the witch’s seasons and using them (not just for cute decorations, recipes and symbolic rituals but also) to leverage the Earth’s cycles in manifesting REAL WORLD lifestyle up-levels… And I’ve channeled everything I’ve learned into easy yet POWERFUL practices you can use to step into your ideal life starting NOW.

If manifesting with seasonal energy and transforming your perceived weaknesses into your greatest superpowers are of interest to you, I invite you to consider joining me for Boss Witchery 101, the Alchemy Of Affluence Academy course dedicated to making the next 365 days into your most magickal year yet!


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