11 Witches Share Their Stories and Beliefs About Ghosts and Spirits

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We’re approaching November’s Eve (AKA Samhain or Halloween) on the witch’s calendar. It’s said to be the time when the “veil between worlds is thinnest,” and for those of us who work with seasonal energies in our manifesting journey, it’s the “death of seasons” … that may or may not have been an A.F.I. reference, but I digress 😉

Anyway, all year long, I’ve been asking my podcast guests to share their beliefs and stories involving ghosts and spirits, and this October, I decided to compile all the best accounts into this spooky art video!


Check it out!




Connect with our guests here:

1. Luchiana Lyra (The Possibility Dept.)

2. Krystal Alexander Hille (Goddess Reawakening)

3. Mikayla Jai (Mindset Magick And Manifestation)

4. Trish Golderer (True You Health Solutions)

5. Rachel Ceness & Michele Lynn (Magical Moon And Sage)

6. Amber-Lee Lyons (Chakra Girl Co.)

7. Jessica Karels (Geek Girl Tarot)

8. Nathaniel Solace

9. Nikki Brocco (Magical Soul Bitches)

10. Papaya Day Truly

11. T.C. Stewart (The Witch Of Lupine Hollow)


Thirsty for more November’s Eve magick?

I’ve dedicated a big chunk of my career to harnessing the energies of each of the witch’s seasons and using them (not just for cute decorations, recipes and symbolic rituals but also) to leverage the Earth’s cycles in manifesting REAL WORLD lifestyle up-levels… And I’ve channeled everything I’ve learned into easy yet POWERFUL practices you can use to step into your ideal life starting NOW.

If manifesting with seasonal energy and transforming your perceived weaknesses into your greatest superpowers are of interest to you, I invite you to consider joining me for Boss Witchery 101, the Alchemy Of Affluence Academy course dedicated to making the next 365 days into your most magickal year yet!


Boss Witchery 101 IG Story 1Boss Witchery 101 IG Story 2


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