Gateways Into Witchcraft With Rachel Ceness and Michele Alund (Podcast S2 Ep22)

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Meet Rachel and Michele, who are new to the path, but no strangers to magick! They’re the two enchanting personalities behind Magical Moon and Sage, their brand which is bringing ritual tools to Buffalo, New York and beyond, made with love. They believe intuition often starts with curiosity, and they’re bridging the gap between curiosity and the full-on spiritual awakening for those who are just starting to dabble.


Today we’re talking about:


How these days, it’s like the word “Universe” is the only way to refer to universal consciousness that doesn’t automatically offend or isolate anyone (except… you know, THOSE people).

Actual ghosts.

How rocking out to Highly Suspect can be a form of meditation.

A gated community of all psychic mediums.

Witch hunts in the workplace.

Navigating through a spiritual awakening.

…And more!




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Come sit for a spell with us!

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Using the Sun and Moon as my guide, I’m always learning more about how to plant, tend, and harvest my goals! I’ve used my own unique combination of Elemental Alchemy, Seasonal Manifesting, Shadow Work, Light Work, Tarot, and Journaling to manifest everything I’m now thankful for in my life!


And now, I’ve articulated this method into a formula to share with you!


Download your FREE Guide On How To Manifest With Lunar Energy!


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In this short e-book, I’m outlining for you how to harness the energy of each moon phase to plant, tend, and harvest your REAL LIFE goals, and also to ditch any unnecessary baggage you may have picked up along the way.


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