The Money Mapping Manifestation Method with Genicca Whitney (Podcast S2 Ep16)

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Genicca Whitney

Founder Of Genicca Whitney Co.


Meet Genicca Whitney, soul-shaking miracle manifestor, who is obsessed with mastering her mental wealth to create riches in all areas of her life. She teaches ambitious women how to have it all, with complete ease, gorgeous alignment and flow. With three kids under three, she’s manifested over six figures in her online coaching biz, working only three days a week, plus her miracle million dollar home with the man of her dreams. In this episode, she shows you how to get in the zone to become an ultimate miracle manifestor!


Today we’re talking about:


> > > How the word “witch” is like the word “bitch.” Our generation is choosing to “redefine and leave the rest behind.”

> > > How the modern spiritual woman truly can “have it all.”

> > > Genicca’s unique money mapping manifestation technique to become a vibrational match to riches.

> > > Relationship dos and don’ts for empaths.

> > > The importance of assigning an energetic purpose to the money you’re manifesting.

> > > How success often requires doing scary shit.

> > > The balance between being ambitious and allowing space for ease and flow and trusting the process.


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