The Fool-Proof Manifesting Tool (Podcast S2 Ep15)

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Solo episode of the Way Of The Wealthy Witch Podcast

Confession: The last 2 years of my life has been a magickal experiment.⁣

Two years ago, I declared to the Universe that I would for one moon cycle (28 days in the spring of 2017) I would use divination to make all of my decisions, and see what would happen.⁣

For that month, every time I was at a crossroads big or small, I vowed to ask my Higher Self (and/or the Soul Of My Business) whether to go this way or that, and I was obligated to do whatever it said, no matter how scary, outside the norm or impractical it seemed to be.⁣

But I did not stop after the 28 days… even through all the wacky, wonky, weird and wonderful twists, turns, and learning curves, I was thoroughly convinced after that month that my intuition would never steer me wrong.⁣

I upleveled in MAJOR ways, and decided I was going to continue following my inner guidance system indefinitely, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that it was the only way to fulfill my highest calling AND highest desires in this life.⁣

And here I am today, living a life of wealth, success, and GRATITUDE where I know I can manifest literally anything my heart desires and get paid just to keep playing this game with the Universe and showing others how I did it.⁣⁣

In this week’s episode of the Way Of The Wealthy Witch podcast, I’m sharing all the details of this experiment from the past 2 years and giving some advice on how to make this practice work for you.⁣⁣




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