How To Live A Life That Makes People Wonder If You Even Have A Job With Kelly Marcyniuk (Podcast S2 Ep14)

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Kelly Marcyniuk

Founder Of The Freedom Babe


Kelly Marcyniuk is the founder of The Freedom Babe – a platform, brand and tribe that teaches millennial women how to design a life that makes people wonder if you even have a job.

Whether you’re building a freedom based business or striving for a life filled with wine + dining and first class travel, Kelly’s got you covered. Kelly believes you shouldn’t have to compromise your freedom to run a thriving business or upgrade your life – you can have it all.

In 2.5 years Kelly was able to launch a successful business, quit her job and travel the world, all while feeling chic and free, and she’s inspired thousands of others to do the same. Kelly also believes a freedom life is all encompassing and shares inspiring content on all things beauty, fashion, travel and wine.

Kelly is also the host of The Freedom Babe Podcast where she interviews the hottest influencers and entrepreneurs in the blogging, beauty, travel and fashion online space. They’re sharing their best freedom tips to live a life that people get jealous of on Instagram, because we all need that kind of inspiration to push us to the next level. Kelly’s also sharing her freedom hacks and self-care tips that you can implement today to have more fun, drink more wine, and make more money. People will literally be asking you how you have so much free time.


Today we’re talking about:


> > > Fumbling through trying to remember which “clare” words match up to which psychic powers.

> > > The importance of incorporating other interests into your daily practice, outside of the stereotypical spiritual, biz and self-development subjects.

> > > Kelly’s childhood story of psychically predicting 9/11, and her journey to no longer fearing her intuition afterward.

> > > How spiritual enlightenment and living an entrepreneurial life go hand in hand.

> > > Balancing feminine and masculine energy to manifest a freedom lifestyle.

> > > The importance of being open to your desires manifesting in unexpected ways rather than being a control freak.

> > > Understanding that any time someone is judging you for living your truth, it’s just because their ego is triggered.

> > > Quieting your inner troll by rewriting your story.




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