10 Things I’ve Manifested Since Going All In On My Wealth Journey (Podcast Episode 39

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Solo episode of the Alchemy Of Affluence Witch Podcast

My 10 Most Impactful Material Manifestations


About two years ago, it really hit me that although I’d begun scratching the surface of the whole “wealth consciousness” concept, clearly I still had a lot of deeply rooted issues around material manifestation… and the evidence was all around me in my home, my closet, and my bank account!

A series of fortunate events led me to really start making abundance mindset and material manifestation one of my TOP priorities in mid-2017, and this episode is all about the key things I manifested along the way that kept my wealth journey moving forward progressively, and have helped me to get to where I am today! Hopefully these tips and nuggets of wisdom from my story inspire you to do some Earth Element magick of your own!



In this episode, I’m chatting with you about:

How learning to make friends with credit cards basically saved my life and business.

Why physical tools in your witchcraft journey can be your best friend.

The importance of upgrading little things in your home and wardrobe to evoke you next level self.

The magick of Amazon Prime and HelloFresh… Like, it’s literally “ask and you shall receive” lol!

What cat poop has to do with my manifestation journey.

And so much more!



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Using the Sun and Moon as my guide, I’m always learning more about how to plant, tend, and harvest my goals! I’ve used my own unique combination of Elemental Alchemy, Seasonal Manifesting, Shadow Work, Light Work, Tarot, and Journaling to manifest everything I’m now thankful for in my life!


And now, I’ve articulated this method into a formula to share with you!


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In this short e-book, I’m outlining for you how to harness the energy of each moon phase to plant, tend, and harvest your REAL LIFE goals, and also to ditch any unnecessary baggage you may have picked up along the way.


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