How To Be Hot, Rich Bitch! With Sofie Von Marricks (Podcast S2 Ep12)

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Sofie Von Marricks

Founder Of Love Your Life Bitch


Meet Sofie… Life Coach for Millenial Women and Entrepreneurs and the founder of Love Your Life Bitch, a website that is focused on helping today’s modern woman get from where she is now, to the woman she really wants to be (without apologizing for it).
Sofie believes that we are meant to feel hot, rich and happy – it’s our purpose on this planet, and when you feel better you do better. She’s really passionate about helping other women (and herself) to stop waiting, stop making excuses and to start living better.
Her brand explores beauty, self-care rituals, confidence and deep convos about women’s personal growth journeys. Through blog posts, courses and her membership site she’s sharing all the things that have helped her BE and live as “that bitch.”


Today we’re talking about:


> > > The benefit of cherry picking from various spiritual paths.

> > > How to harness Scorpio energy and burn down your old life to rise from the ashes.

> > > Why often the most incredible manifestations are born out of frustration.

> > > The life changing practice of talking with your future hot, rich self.

> > > The magick of throwing away your old underwear.

> > > The importance of developing your SELF, not just your business.

> > > And so much more!




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Come sit for a spell with us!

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… Okay, that last part sounded dramatic, but I mean like, that creative or intuitive gift that you LOVE to do but never seem to get paid enough for? This course will give you the tools you need to sell that to your dream clients with grace, flow and ease… Hence “selling your soul.” See what I did there? 😉

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So what are you waiting for??? Lets hop on a call and get you un-stuck and on your way to your Wealth Witch lifestyle!

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