Confessions Of An Art Witch With Molly Roberts (Podcast S2 Ep10)

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Molly Roberts

Founder Of Molly Roberts Magick


Meet Molly… Art Witch, Pro Weirdo and Head Unicorn at Molly Roberts Magick. She’s a multidisciplinary artist, rock&roller and Youtuber. Her mission is to help people remember their magick and find beauty in the world through the power of play.


Today we’re talking about:


->>  Words of wisdom from The Vampire Lestat

->> How as we evolve, it’s less that we change, and more that we become more of who we already are.

->> How as an artist and content creator, you have to create what you want to see, and balance that with also creating what your audience is asking for.

->> Asking yourself, “what did I need then?” and creating content that eases a stage of growth for someone who reminds you of yourself in the past.

->> The power of play in an adult lifestyle.

->> The importance of not getting discouraged if your brand doesn’t “take off” immediately.



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Come sit for a spell with us!

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Connect With Molly:

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