From Grunge Witch To Gucci, B!tch! (Podcast S2 Ep9)

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Solo episode of the Way Of The Wealthy Witch Podcast

How I Manifested My Gucci Belt!


You asked, I’m answering… in excruciating detail!

After posting about it on the Gram last month, so many of you witches wanted to know how exactly I conjured up a Gucci belt out of nowhere, and I’m more than happy to give you the full scoop! As with all things, I used my signature Elemental Alchemy manifestation method, and it was actually SUPER easy!

In this episode, I’m breaking the manifestation process down step by step, and going into depth on how I worked with each of the elements, fire, water, air, earth and spirit. Take notes if you’re ready to transform from grunge witch to Gucci, b!tch!


I’m breaking down the TANGIBLE meaning of each of the five alchemical elements:

Water – feeling into WHY you desire it.

Fire – getting passionate to make a change, and taking action.

Air – changing your beliefs, making new decisions, and using new systems.

Earth – being willing to INVEST in your desire.

Spirit – shifting into your next level self and getting aligned with your purpose.




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10 meditation bundle

Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Spirit…

These are the building blocks of our human experience, and without them, noting you see or experience would be able to exist. 

Esoteric law says that nothing can be made manifest without the supporting energy in each of the elements. The Wealth Witch’s journey is to master the elements within herself so as to manifest the ideal reality for herself and her community, for as within, so without.

And the good news is, grasping the concept of the elements and balancing their energies in your everyday life is now easy, fast and fun!

I’ve honed all of my years of wisdom working with the Elements and channeled it into this set of 6 beautiful guided meditation audios so that you can skip the tedious study and get right to manifesting your fairytale lifestyle with just 10 minutes of meditation per day.


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