Magick Numbers With Taiha Lee Perron (WIWR S2 Ep4)

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Do you know your numbers?


Today’s podcast guest is an expert at numerology, and she knows all about how “knowing your numbers” can help you succeed at life, business and relationships.


She’s also just super spiritual and has some killer wisdom on how to live an overall conscious lifestyle. I’m obsessed with her daily motto of “creating before you consume. Have a listen!



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Come sit for a spell with us!

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Connect With Taiha:


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This course is for you if your 2019 goal to launch, grow, or SCALE your online heart-centered business to replace or surpass your day job income!

For so many creatives and intuitives, this seems like a far off dream that might happen in 5 years (or like never). But I’m here to tell you that what used to feel like a pipe dream, or a 5-10 year goal can actually happen for you in 6 months – 2 years if you fully commit to it, get the support you need to skyrocket your success, and learn how to use my Elemental Entrepreneurship Method.

Our community is all about “manifesting” and “law of attraction,” but one SUPER important detail that most people seem to leave out is the fact that literally the only way to fully manifest ANYTHING is to get the right energetic frequency in the realms of all five of the elements – earth, air, fire, water and spirit.

This is not just a vague esoteric concept that only mages in velvet purple robes get to understand (lol!) This is basic knowledge that I feel everyone should know how to use easily and seamlessly in their real everyday life!

I had to spend countless years researching and testing things to figure it out, and now I’m here to put this wisdom into plain English so that you can skip the studying and get right to the Cliff Notes version.

Join me for this free 5-day mini course where I’m teaching you exactly how to manifest with each of the elements to manifest your dream biz goals in a fraction of the time it would have taken you to figure it all out on your own.

Monday, January 21 – Friday January 25, I invite you to join me LIVE in my private FB group at 1PM EST (10AM PST / 12PM CST).

There will be a replay available for those who sign up and are unable to attend live, but I highly recommend showing up and getting to learn with us hands-on!

There will also be an accompanying workbook to help you get fully grounded in how the elements are showing up in your own life and what you can do this month to skyrocket your success.

To get access to the videos and workbook, sign up in the form above AND make sure you’ve applied to join the private Witchy, Wealthy and Wise FB group IN ADVANCE of the mini-course so that I have time to approve your application prior to going live next week.(The link below will walk you quickly through the process).

See you there!

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Meditation Bundle ad



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