Financial Love With Sonya Highfield: Episode 016

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In this episode of Work It Witch Radio, I’m interviewing Sonya Highfield, CEO of Real World Creatives.

We’re chatting about how being a creative, intuitive person is no excuse to not “know your numbers,” and how powerful it is to be in control of your money while also being magickal AF!



Come sit for a spell with us!

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So you’re getting pretty good at always upleveling your Wealthy Wise Witch lifestyle…

…BUT (ugh, why does there ALWAYS have to be a “but?), there is still that ONE friggin’ thing you’ve been trying to manifest for AGES, and you’re starting to wonder if you’re just cursed or something…

Don’t be so hard on yourself! Thing is, we ALL have karmic patterns that were formed as an involuntary response to something we experienced probably even before we were able to form conscious memories.

Subconscious programming is part of our natural instincts as humans, but boy, can it be a bitch when we’re trying to evolve into more expansive, conscious beings!

In this free training, I’m going to show you how to…

– Identify a subconscious pattern
– Figure out where it came from
– Reclaim your power back from it
– And re-program yourself for mega success!

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