Practical Magick For The Modern Witch With Tenae Stewart: Episode 014

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In this week’s episode of Work It Witch Radio, I’m chatting with Tenae Stewart, AKA The Witch Of Lupine Hollow! 

We’re discussing the importance of drawing inspiration from your ancestry to explore ways to incorporate the wisdom of your heritage into your modern magickal practice.

We’re also digging deeper into lunar wisdom to uncover more layers of meaning that can help you make better decisions in your daily life.



Come sit for a spell with us!

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Using the Sun and Moon as my guide, I’m always learning more about how to plant, tend, and harvest my goals! I’ve used my own unique combination of Elemental Alchemy, Seasonal Manifesting, Shadow Work, Light Work, Tarot, and Journaling to manifest everything I’m now thankful for in my life!


And now, I’ve articulated this method into a formula to share with you!


Download your FREE Guide On How To Manifest With Lunar Energy!


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In this short e-book, I’m outlining for you how to harness the energy of each moon phase to plant, tend, and harvest your REAL LIFE goals, and also to ditch any unnecessary baggage you may have picked up along the way.


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