Reclaming The Wild Woman Archetype with Rayne Lew – Episode 005

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In this week’s episode of Work It Witch Radio, meet Rayne Lew, a badass wildwoman priestess who helps women heal their inner Feminine!

We’re diving deep into the topic of how certain Divine Feminine archetypes have taken a back seat to others in our society, and how money is like magick; it’s an energy that can be used for good or evil.

We’re also gabbing about the awesomeness of Miyazaki films, faerie lore, and being unapologetic about our witchy ways!

Come sit for a spell with us!

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Other Resources Mentioned:

Labrynth movie

Legend movie

Miosaki films

Serpent Fire

The Bone Witch

Chani Nicholas

Jumana Sophia – Her Mystery School

David Spangler – Conversations With The Sidhe

John Matthews – The Sidhe: Wisdom Of The Celtic Otherworld


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