One Foot In the Broom Closet and the Other on the Broom Featuring Rose From the Cackling Moon Tarot Episode 002

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In this week’s episode of Work It Witch Radio, meet Rose, Instagram’s favorite Intuitive Tarot reader!

We’re chatting about what it’s been like to go from doing free readings on Tumblr to quitting her 9-5 to read Tarot professionally!

We also shed light on the struggle of having people in your life who don’t understand your magickal path, leading a double-life with one foot in the broom closet and the other on the broom!

All this magickal musing along with a savvy discussion on the subject of quality over quantity when it comes to growing your social media following!

Come sit for a spell with us!

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My clients and I work with the Elements Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Spirit in alignment to manifest our dreams and intentions into 3-D reality, and now I’m teaching you exactly how to do this for yourself!

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Other Resources Mentioned:

Uncaged Tarot Playlist on Spotify

Kelly-Ann Maddox

Carrie Mallon

Vix – New Age Hipster

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