My Biz Witch Origin Story – Work It Witch Radio Episode 001

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episode 1 social graphicCome sit for a spell with Afura as we go deep into some occult topics…

Like, if you’re doubting the depth of this talk, let me just reassure you by mentioning that Harry Potter and anime references as well as AFI quotes are mentioned, along with plenty of inspiring stories told in terms of tarot cards!


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2:09 What to expect from this podcast

2:18 Textbook Definition of a Maven

3:11 Upcoming guests

4:13 Witchy Wisdom of the Week

4:20 Favorite spiritual obsession – pendulums to help you make decisions in your business or personal life

5:45 Example of how to use a pendulum 

9:18 Why crystals disappear from your life

13:52 Witchy Questions 

15:40 What is the definition of magic?

17:00 Type of witches

19:23 What is your favorite witchy movie or tv show?

20:51 Do you believe in gods and goddesses?

22:26 Do you believe in fairies and/or ghosts?

24:20 Law of Attraction

25:05 What is your favorite divination tool? 

27:10 Chakra meditation 

28:31 Witchy playlist

30:28 Favorite Witchy Influencer

34:11 Feeling into the journey

47: 09 Using the power of the universe and work with elements of nature to call in anything

47:26 Spell to make like-minded friends

53:27 Start of diaries

56:45 Making an ultimatum with the universe

57:47 Reaching out for help

1:00 Being in complete alignment 


*coming soon

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