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Your dose of wild inspiration from the most magickal mavens on the internet!

In this series, I’m interviewing online spiritual badasses and biz witches who aren’t afraid to shine their light in the world as we get a glimpse into their charmed lives!

Today’s epic enchantress is

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a healer and a spiritual BFF!


When I was dreaming up this interview series, I asked myself, who are some of the first people who come to mind when I think of magickal business women who are killing it online, and Amber-Lee was one of the first to pop up in my train of thought!

I first happened upon her brand, The Chakra Girl Co. at a time when I was kind of in dire need of her wisdom! She’s not just a spiritual mentor. She’s not just a self-development junkie. She’s not just a highly effective business coach… She’s managed to house ALL THREE of those amazing qualities into one amazing online brand!

I loved that she was sharing a ton of super powerful content about how aligning your energy goes hand in hand with growing a heart-centered business, and let me tell you, my chakras NEEDED to be aligned lol! I was hooked, and have been soaking up her spiritual and business wisdom every chance I can get!

This knowledge is so important to share, and I’m so glad to have her here to tell you a little more about herself and what she does!

So, without further adieu, lets hear from the Chakra Girl herself…


Afura Nefertiti: Would you call yourself a witch?

Amber-Lee: I would call myself a healer and a spiritual BFF! I believe I am here to show women their own unique powers!


AF: What is your definition of magick?

AL: I believe we all have un-taped magic inside our chakras and it takes a unique journey to find how to access it.

“Magic is the energy, connection, guidance and grace we experience that leads us to the outcome we desire.

Alternately, when we focus on lack, or darkness, we manifest what we don’t want.

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AF: What is the most magickal thing about you?

AL: My ability to see the potential and magic in other women and to hold the energetic space for them to access it.

AF: What is your biggest passion in life?

AL: I am obsessed with everything related to energy development and energy exchange, including shopping for material things! That’s a magical energy exchange in itself!

AF: How long have you been pursuing your passion project?

AL: I’m in my 3rd year, and love how my business and life is always transforming as I open up to more and more guidance!


AF: So your passion is also your career! When did you know it was a job rather than just a hobby?

AL:manifested getting laid off from my job and knew in my heart that it was time to burn the safety net and just go for it full time in my business. I immediately manifested double my monthly salary and I know that was a sign!

AF: What has been the most fulfilling part of your path so far?

AL: Without a doubt, the most fulfilling part of what I do is seeing the successes that my clients experience every single day. They totally blow me away and I am so honored to be a part of their journey.


AF: What has been your biggest challenge so far?

AL: I have a hard time detaching from my business and tend to carry the energetic weight of my clients well over work hours.

AF: What’s one fun fact about you that most people wouldn’t guess by looking at your Instagram feed?

AL: I shower every day, but doing full hair and make-up only happens on the rarest occasions!

Where to go to learn more about Amber-Lee’s amazing work, aligning your life and business with the chakra system:



Instagram: @thechakragirlco

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