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Nothing gets me excited than watching the enchanting journey of a sorceress determined to rise! In this series, I’m interviewing online spiritual badasses and biz witches who aren’t afraid to shine their light in the world as we get a glimpse into their charmed lives!

Today’s epic enchantress is

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Witch, Bhakti yogini, mystic, heart healer, feminine alchemist, artist, and lover.


Afura Nefertiti: What is your magickal/preferred name?

Srimati Arya: My full legal name is Allison Jane Carpenter…

Funny story, I started going by Allison Moon shortly after I created my publishing company, Ms Moon. When I created my spiritual Facebook account to connect with my spiritual family (soul sisters and brothers), I put my name as Allison Moon, but it never felt right. I received confirmation of this not being right when I came to know there was another Allison Moon out there who is really like my polar opposite as a woman, and she has published work out too that could easily be mistaken for my own if a person did not know better.

That was when I began searching inward for understanding into a spiritual name, and that’s when I received it (I had waited 10 years to receive a name from my spiritual teacher). Early this year I received my spiritual name, Srimati Arya. In Sanskrit it means: Noble Goddess married to light, wealth, and beauty of God.

While I was very happy to finally receive this name and understanding of the Self I desired to step into, it sort of put me into a bit of an identity crisis and a state of confusion on how to introduce myself and my work to others, since others knew me by either Allison Carpenter or Allison Moon (the name on my two coloring books).

Since, I have been working on getting all of my work over to reflect this identity and person who is Srimati Arya; witch, Bhakti yogini, mystic, heart healer, feminine alchemist, artist, and lover.

I am still in transition to Srimati Arya, but my profiles on my social accounts reflect my spiritual name. I would very much like to be called by Srimati, but it is still difficult to introduce myself as Srimati because I worry what others who knew me as Allison will think (I’m human after all).

So the long way around it is: Srimati Arya. Please call me Srimati (pronounced Shree-mah-tee) =)


AF: What is your definition of magick?

SA: My definition of magic is Shakti. As a practicing Bhakta (a person who practices bhakti yoga), I associate most things in life from the lense of the Bhakti traditions and from the Sanskrit language.

Magic in Sanskrit is Shakti, and that means power or potency; it’s a Feminine energy that I associate with Love and Devotion that, when added to the Masculine aspect of consciousness, leads to practicing magic.

But I think others see it differently. All beings possess Shakti and I believe that when we awaken, we are awakening to the power AND presence of our being (Shakti/Purush). I believe those aspects have many different layers and facets that we don’t understand, and awakening is coming into knowing of these things. We receive that Shakti when we come to know ourselves, but many seek it the other way around and desire to receive the power without first the embodiment and enlightenment, which is exploitation of the Feminine and our magic. This to me is important to be aware of because what we are really exploiting is ourselves and that is a self-depreciating thing.

If we want Magic, we must first realize we Are Magic. And Magic is Love.

I wonder if it’s annoying to others that I will so plainly say this: if you look at my art and think it is beautiful, here is what is behind it. That usually makes people very uncomfortable, but I feel that divorcing the truth from the beauty is the self-depreciating thing I was just talking about. I refuse to let people forget it when they see my art and tell me its beautiful.


AF: What is the most magickal thing about you?

SA: My husband tells me I am magical all the time and to him, it is everything. My work, my connection to spirit, my engagement with life. I very much align with that, but if you were to ask me, the most magical thing about me is Me; my deepest self IS magic. I Am Magic. That magic is most strongly expressed through my art, wisdom (self knowing), and writing.


AF: What is your biggest passion in life?

SA: Awakening to my Self; to my Feminine Being and to the reality of God as a beautiful romance between Masculine and Feminine spirit energy AND essence (beings). This passion has many tendrils that extend out like a web that is my life; my spirituality, my husband, my family, my spiritual family and soul sisters, my connection to life, my art, my art studio and publishing company (Ms Moon), the bodies of work I am creating, the list goes on.


AF: How long have you been pursuing your passion project?

SA: I’ve been pursuing self-realization consciously for about 11 years. I’ve been pursuing my art as a means to assist in this actualization, as a business (Ms Moon) for 3 years. But I recall having spiritual connection and awareness of my art as that expression since I started menstruation at age 12. That’s when I started getting visions and stories of the Goddess.

I’ve been working on creating many bodies of work for my business for a while and they take time to actualize: I’ve got 2 coloring books, 4 journals, with more on the way this year. It all took 3-4 years to actualize. I have a tarot deck in the works and I also have many art pieces completed and I am adding to them every year. I have authored a 400 page book, but I am sitting on it for now as I don’t feel it is its time yet. But I hope to someday write these Divine Feminine stories that are coming through me.

I have also come to know a huge facet of my work is guiding others to be connected to the deepest parts of them Self, in partnership with my Husband. Our desire is to guide others with this knowledge of Bhakti Yoga, but also with the combined knowledge and wisdom we receive through our awakening.

Screenshot 2018-03-30 17.14.09

AF: Is your passion also your career? When did you know it was a job rather than just a hobby?

SA: My passion, spiritual awakening, Bhakti Yoga, is my life path.

I see my career and my life path as inseparable. To me a career is a life long body of work, and my art, writing, and the published offerings I desire to bring into actualization are that career.

But I would say my ultimate career is self-realization and spiritual awakening and then guiding other women in this path.

But many people from the outside looking in see it as my art and the work I put out. Those things are simply external expressions of the internal process that is occurring, and I see any success that I experience on the outer as a representation of the internal work I do. I don’t like to use external expression as a validator, but for me it is definitely pointing me in the direction of my internal process. There is an alchemy that is occurring there that I am still coming to understand.

Since about 3-4 years ago I knew it was time to dive all in. But I’ve always known it was meant to be my job, but I really don’t like calling it that (or a hobby). To me it is so much more. It’s integral and very deeply a part of me. I couldn’t live without it. I don’t think I could even breathe without it. A job sounds so boring and dull to me, something we are forced to do to survive or something one eventually sheds in favor of something else. This is who I am. A mystic artist. It’s not like starting a retail business.

Failure is not an option. I do this to thrive; to truly live. So maybe I would call it living.


AF: What has been the most fulfilling part of your path so far?

SA: The most fulfilling part of my path is awakening to love on many levels. It has been the hardest part too because it has meant cracking open my heart and becoming vulnerable and open to life and love. My favorite part of this is the connection I have with my husband, who I feel to be my twin soul. We have had so many magical experiences together that go far beyond human understanding, and in fact I don’t usually talk about those experiences because I think it would freak most people out, or they would think I was crazy or lying.


AF: What has been your biggest challenge so far?

SA: Stepping into my Self: my Shakti and my Presence; consciousness, awareness, and potency.

Taking on my name, Srimati Arya, has been very hard and in a lot of ways is an external representation of that process. Stepping into that name for me has meant overcoming an aspect of myself that does not feel worthy to receive it; the knowing of myself as Divine and the expression of that Divinity through my name. I worry a lot what others think about me, and in all honesty that is the great difficult work I have in this life is being comfortable being just as I am and being able to be fully witnessed by others as that person; as I am.

A mystic artist in business. A transmitter of Feminine He-Art. A woman who is evolving and changing every day, a woman with many facets, a woman who is awakening to her Self, a woman who identifies as spiritual and magical, a western white woman who practices Bhakti Yoga and Feminine Alchemy and whose heroes are Indian guru mystics.

I think many of us can relate to that desire and longing for human acknowledgment and acceptance in being seen and witnessed. We all want validation and understanding. The uncomfortable part is admitting we have that need and accepting that need. The next uncomfortable part is living life without worrying about having it; being carefree enough to express and be who we are without fear.


AF: What’s one fun fact about you that most people wouldn’t guess by looking at your Instagram feed?

SA: I’ve never considered myself a very fun person and was always the kid hanging around the adults having mature conversations. Even post awakening I am like this sort of person who doesn’t appear to have much energy…

I’ve learned to embrace that part of me that is deep and introspective and unapologetically boring in everyday life. The woman who just wants to slow the F way down, watch an anime, or curl up with a book or manga, write, or color and paint a canvas. Or just walk alone on a nature trail and get lost with the woods, hugging trees. I call it getting lost in moony-ness. Getting lost in love and the beingness of one’s Self.

In my spare time you might find me playing Pokemon Go with my husband.

As for my inner world: well that’s a whole other story…if you really want to know, you’ll have to have a conversation with me over a cup of tea.


Where to go to learn more about Srimati Arya’s inspiring journey:





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