The Wealthy, Wise Witch

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Confession time! I’m going through an identity crisis… Well, actually, it’s not so much myself, but my business that is going through it.

This is something I think most creative entrepreneurs with personal brands probably go through at some point in their business… But it’s all for an excellent reason!

I started wayyy back in 2012 with “OddSoul Designs,” which is still my registered business name. OddSoul has gone through so many different phases, but the name still resonates through all of them. I have always been, and will always be the odd soul that I am. I will always think innovatively and do things that are new, exciting, whimsical and outside if the norm…

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Wow, what a time capsule!

But “GypsyWytch Diaries” is another story.

GypsyWytch Diaries was actually not originally meant to be my overall business name. It started as just a solution for what to call my line of handmade journals back in 2015… In fact, it wasn’t even originally meant to encompass the whole product line; it was just the name of the first diary I made!


After creating that first diary (which looks so primitive to me now lol) I guess I decided the whole brand should go by this name for some reason… It probably has to do with the fact that I had always previously been a “jack if all trades, master of none,” and I wanted to go hard with the whole “cohesive brand” thing. I reshaped my entire career around appealing to the “book of shadows” enthusiasts, so all of my products and content marketing had to have that theme.

I guess I decided to call my blog “The GypsyWytch Diaries” because it was an extension of the same basic concept: “witchy writer shares her written musings and journaling practices.” This was all well and good except for one little detail: The word “Gypsy.”


Here’s the thing: “Gypsy” resonated with me in 2015 because I was in a place in my life and career where I had basically 0 stability, but wanted to create beautiful things in spite of that fact.

I needed a word that would empower me to be eclectic, earthy, and creative; to transform trash into treasure.

That archetype was exactly what I needed to embody at the time in order to move forward… But it didn’t live up to the overall vibe of who I was meant to become.

Another fly in the ointment of “GypsyWytch Diaries” is the fact that some cultures actually consider the word “gypsy” to be a derogatory term.

I did not know that when I picked the name, so it came as a bit of a nasty shock when a small (but passionate) number of of readers insisted that I was “culturally appropriating” a group of people by using this word.

When I discovered this issue, I was concerned, but decided to keep the name for the time being, because it was already established, and an overwhelming number of people (including many who were ethnically “Gypsy” or “Roma”) told me they loved and related to the name. So I let it slide… But something deep down always knew it was temporary.

The fact is, I know I went all-in with the brand name “GypsyWytch Diaries,” but I never once had the intention to actually be known as “The GypsyWytch.” I’ve never called myself that as a personal nickname, although many have made the assumption that I was meant to be called “Afura The Gypsy Witch.”


I took notice of this misinterpretation and tried to respond to it by calling myself something else. You may recall that brief awkward phase I went through where I started articles and videos by introducing myself as “Afura the Wonderland Witch.” … Not sure where I thought I was going with that, but, fortunately, it was short lived lol 😂.

It’s really hit me recently that I’m definitely outgrowing the “gypsy” title. It was something temporary along my creative journey, and its time to allow it to take its place in the history of my business. It may or may not remain the name of my handmade journals, but either way, it was never meant to represent the entire identity of myself and my business… That just kind of happened!

One of the main reasons I don’t feel called to carry the name forward, especially into my coaching business, is because it represents a time when I was floundering in a sea of instability and scattered dreams, clinging to anything that could give me a sense of identity and purpose.

But my vibe and my brand are no longer all about sliding by bootlegging everything and trying to create something out of nothing.

Who I “really” am is Afura Nefertiti Fareed. I went through a beautiful growth spurt in which I was kind of a GypsyWytch… And now, after everything I’ve learned, I have the stability, focus, and mindset necessary to be a Wealthy, Wise Witch.


Going forward into 2018, you will be seeing less and less of the GypsyWytch vibes, and more and more of the real Afura Nefertiti vibes… Which right now are resonating on the frequency of being the Wealthy, Wise Witch.

Sending you all the witchy, wealthy, WORTHY vibes your way! See you on the flip side!

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