A Morning Page From Afura’s Impromptu New Year’s Vacation


This is something new to me…

Both waking up and writing a blog post in bed, and being on Vacation; both of these are new concepts in my life… And I’ve gotta say, it definitely feels different.

In the past, I’ve done “morning pages” by hand in my regular diary upon waking up in bed… And, I’ve gotten out of bed, rushed to my desk and jumped right into a planned article from my to-do list, usually on a tight deadline to release on a premeditated date… But never before have I done the equivalent of an organic “morning page” in type on a devise with the intention of publishing it. In the past, I’ve been almost painstakingly particular about keeping my personal writing practice and my blog articles separate. Sure, I’ve included parts of my personal journal entries as quotes in my blog posts, and I’ve even read some of my journal entries aloud in certain YouTube videos, but never fully merged these two writing practices in real time.


I know that part of me wanted to keep my personal writing practice “sacred” by having unspoken rules regarding what makes a “diary” different from running a “professional” blog. For example, a “true” diary entry had to be done by hand with pen and paper in a designated physical book. A blog post had to be planned, done during my designated “office hours,” and written with a specific theme in mind; something “field research” suggested would be appropriate for my “brand signature” and would appeal to my “target audience.”

This is a very stark example of the duality between how the “left brain” and “right brain” work in my head. A blatant case if segregating the “divine masculine” from the “divine feminine” in my spiritual path. It seems so obvious now, although I really never noticed the connection before.

I guess this is what they call a “quantum leap.” Even as I type, the masculine part of me wants to look up a scientific definition of exactly what a “quantum leap” is so that I can “legitimize” my blog as a “reputable” resource… But the feminine part of me insists that just expressing my own thoughts is legitimate enough for what needs to be shared today.

I really struggled with time management in 2017, and I realize now that the only way to change that pattern this year is to change my belief systems. If I never release certain “rules” my Past Self has placed upon my practices, my craft will never expand beyond the limits of where I’ve been thus far.

If I truly desire a life in which I enjoy time freedom while practicing my personal development, and sharing my breakthroughs with my online community, then I have to start crafting my lifestyle to match that desire. The whole point of merging the “magickal” with the “mundane” is to feel fully balanced and aligned in every area of my life.

In order to fit in all of my core desired feelings into each day, I have to align those CDF with what needs to be achieved in my schedule.

So get this groundbreaking idea: some of my free-form “diary entries” can double as blog posts. Imagine that!

All of a sudden, just by changing a few of my limiting BS (belief systems), I’ve magickally optimized my schedule to get two equally important things done.

This is a prime example of what spiritual and self-development junkies mean when we refer to a “quantum leap.” It’s that awkward moment when we suddenly see outside the bubble of one state of consciousness and expand our mindset in a huge way, in what seems to be a split second.

In the ebbs and flows of our personal development journey, we go through phases of slow growth where we’re gradually building up a collection of seemingly arbitrary experiences… And then, the stars align and it all hits us at once what the greater lesson was, and we finally see the solution to an age old blockage. We need these ebbs and flows in our lives in order to learn, grow, and appreciate the journey of life. It’s the cycle if the Fool’s Journey in the Tarot.


And it is for this exact reason that we MUST keep checking in with ourselves to ensure that we are always allowing healthy balance between the Masculine and Feminine principals in our lives. This is why it is so important that we make time for self care as well as strategizing to attain our goals.

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