Wheel Of The Year: Winter Solstice Themes

wheel of the year banner 2017

Greetings, magickal creature!

Here, you will find a small video library of topics related to the Winter Solstice season!

“Midwinter,” or the Winter Solstice is the Wheel Of The Year checkpoint which takes place around December 21. In traditional Celtic style Paganism, it’s known as Yule, and in pop culture, it’s been adapted into Christmas!

winter solstice banner 2017

These videos were originally created for the 5 Days of December Book Of Shadows Challenge which myself and the GypsyWytch Tribe did together in December 2017!

The idea was to spend some time creating a full page in our magickal journals about each of the themes of the season! This challenge has officially ended, but feel free to work with these themes in your book in your own time! And stay tuned for the next seasonal BOS challenge! All you have to do to receive an invitation is make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter! Enjoy!

Craving even more Wheel Of The Year magick?

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Catch ya on the next turn of the Wheel!

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