Wheel of the Year: Midsummer Musings 2017 (Summer Solstice)


Welcome back the our Wheel of the Year series! In this video, we’re celebrating the Sun at the height of its strength, warmth, and light! The days have been growing longer since the Winter Solstice, and after today’s climactic celebration, the days will slowly begin to grow shorter again. Now is the time to embrace the present moment and appreciate what blessings have really manifested in our lives this year!


Enjoy this personal journal reading from me about what is real in my world this Summer Solstice. If you’ve gone through a lot of changes along your Wheel of the Year journey, and are still making sense of what the traditions really mean to you, this one goes out to you! Enjoy!

Thanks for watching! For more about Midsummer, check out my previous video on how to celebrate this time of the year and develop your traditions! What’s your midsummer story? Please do take the time to journal about it  and share your thoughts in the comments below this article, and watch for our next journaling prompt in your inbox soon! Not signed up for the journaling challenge yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Submit your email address below to receive seasonal journal prompts, personal diary reading vlogs from me, and access to all of our lesson videos in chronological order.

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And don’t forget to do your own research! Our Midsummer Pinterest board is a great place to start!

pinterest board

Chat again soon! Until then, Brightest blessings to you!




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