Wheel of the Year: May’s Eve Musings (video)


Blessed MAY’S EVE everyone! This checkpoint on the Wheel of the Year is so magickal, because it’s the beginning of beautiful summer days! A time to get out into nature and observe the fertility of the beginning of the growing season!

I’ve tried something a little bit new for this video. I’ve collected a list of the traditional themes of Beltane and did some journaling about my thoughts on each of them. Check out my May’s Eve journal entry and comment below to let me know what your experiences are with each of these themes! I’d love to hear your opinion!

Thanks for watching!

What connections do you make between this time of year in nature and the themes of the Wheel of the Year?

Looking for more ideas on this holiday? Check out our Pinterest board where you can access articles from all around the web!

may's eve pin board

wheel of the year sign up banner 2017

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