Wheel of the Year: Introduction to May’s Eve


Yay!!! Spring is really in full swing now! Its time to shake off our coats, let go of our winter worries, celebrate the fertility of the land, and throw an outdoor party! Now is the perfect time to have a coming out party for whatever inner work we’ve done over the winter, and show the world our true colors!

Enjoy this little introductory video for what I like to call May’s Eve, the pagan holiday most commonly known as Beltane!

Thank you so much for watching! Be sure do do your own research on the rich cultural traditions that I didn’t feel like covering in this video! Our Pinterest board on Beltaine is a great place to start! Keep an eye out for for our seasonal journaling prompt coming soon to your inbox! Not signed up to receive Wheel of the Year journal prompts and personal diary reading videos from me? All you’ve gotta do to join the fun is submit your email address below, and you gain all that plus access to our full lesson series in chronological order!

wheel of the year sign up banner 2017

Enjoy the May weather! Until next time, Brightest Blessings!


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