Energetic Cleansing Ritual Bath Spell for February Eve


Happy February Eve to all, and for those who celebrate this special cross-quarter holiday in the traditional Celtic style, Imbolc blessings to you! 

For me, this time of year is all about cleansing away of the old and creating space in my life for new beginnings. Today, I’ll be sharing with you my personal favorite way to bring in the fresh new energy of February, utilizing the rejuvenating power of the water element.

February Eve/Imbolc lands in the month of Aquarius, which is the most awesome of all the signs of the Zodiac… Just kidding… Sort of 😉

But seriously, folks, Aquarius is a great time for cleansing and looking forward consciously, not just because it’s my sun sign, but because it represents the sovereign human being, carefully using the elements to create the world they envision; an archetype which anyone can embody! While Aquarius is an air sign, not a water sign, the figure is shown pouring water upon the earth to nourish the seeds of intention, and to me, that’s what February Eve is all about!

In this cleansing ritual, we’ll explore the way we can use conscious thought (air) and the element of water to set the stage for our year to come with a relaxing bath!

For this Spell, You Will Need:
  • Candles in your choice of white, purple, and/or blue.
  • Your choice of cleansing herbs (lavender, sage, thyme etc.)
  • Sea salt, epsom salt, or bath salt (optional).
  • Incense in a light, airy scent of your choice (optional).
  • Your choice of natural soap and moisturizer.
  • Preferably a bath tub, but this can be done in the shower if that’s all you have access to.
Step 1: Prepare Your Herbs


To be honest, most of the ingredients in this spell are optional. The most important elements in this ritual are the water and YOU.

For the sake of this tutorial, I’ve chosen to share a few of my favorite tools and ingredients which help me to relax into the meditative state. Feel free to tweak this practice to your needs and to your liking!

Essentially, we’ll be creating a “tea” or “spiritual bath” to energetically purify ourselves with. Use your intuition to select accessible herbs which resonate with water, air, cleansing, and relaxation. If you’re not sure if an herb is safe to use in the bath, please do your research!

There are a couple of ways of incorporating herbs into your bath. If you’re using the preferred method with a bath tub, you can brew the tea right in the hot water of the bath. You can simply toss the herbs right into the tub, or to avoid clogging the drain, use a cloth or sachet as a sort of tea bag.

Additionally, there’s another method that works well for both a bath and a shower. Prepare a pot of tea on the stove as if you were going to drink it. Strain the herbs out of it and pour it into your bath, or allow it to cool and set it aside to pour over yourself in the shower.

Step 2: Create Sacred Space4811340_orig

What sets this experience apart from your everyday bathing routine is the tone we set, and the intention we hold during the practice. Rather than quickly washing the body as a chore, this is meant to be a mini-vacation from the outside world of responsibilities.  Take the time to transform your bathroom into a haven for relaxation.

Start by making sure the room is clean. Part of evoking the vibe of cleansing and a fresh start includes having an environment that matches your inner intention. You don’t want to be distracted by a dirty ring around the tub, or an overflowing waste basket!

Next, bring in elements that help you to feel relaxed and peaceful. Playing soft music, burning a fresh scent of incense, and exchanging the lamp light for candlelight are all great ways to change up the vibe in your bathroom.

I like to include each of the elements in my calming ritual: Candles for fire, incense for air, bath salts for earth, gentle music for spirit, and obviously the bath for water.

Step 3: Run the Water and let the Magick Begin


Without further adieu, climb into that bath and just relax! Wash your body with your choice of natural soap and then sit back and allow any worries or concerns of the day to absorb out of you and into the bathwater as you soak.  One reason I use salt in this ritual bath is because salt cleanses by sucking out impurities from the skin, both physically and energetically.

Feel the warm water on your skin, allowing you to become present with your senses. This is especially wonderful if your house is chilly this time of year. It allows you to leave your cares at the door and truly relax. If you like to use mantras to keep your mind focused during meditation, you may want to try this one of mine:

Cleanse the body
Cleanse the mind
Leave stale energies behind
Sit in this meditative space for as long as you like, and then allow the water, which has caught all of your old, stale energy, to drain away. You can get out of the tub and watch the water go down the drain, or you can remain in the tub and physically feel the old energy being sucked out with the draining water.
Step 4: Nourish the Skin

Now that you’ve drained all that old energy out of yourself, its time to replace it with something good! Even without salt, a bath can really dry out the skin, so I always like to take a moment to replenish my skin with a natural moisturizer. Use any product you like, but I have very sensitive skin, so I like to use products that come directly from nature like olive or coconut oil. It feels more magickal to me when I feed my body the gifts of Mother Earth. If you liked my cleansing mantra, you may also want to try this one as you give back to your skin:

Now that I’m clean
Now that I’m fresh
I oil the body to nourish the flesh

The cleansing spell is now complete, and you should be left feeling fresh and new!

I hope you try a relaxing bathing ritual this February Eve season! Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried another cleansing practice that’s worth sharing!

If you’d like to try creating your very own herbal soap bars to add a little earth magick into this and every bathing experience, check out this tutorial!

Until next time, happy February Eve!
Blessed Be!
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