Wheel of the Year Journal: Midwinter Musings (Video)


Midwinter Blessings!

Whew! 2016 is just about over! I’m glad to see it go, but I don’t harbor regrets. This week, I took the time to do a meditative writing practice to honor my journey, hold space for the emotions both good and bad, and explore what lessons the Winter Solstice has in store for me this year! So often along the pagan and new age path, we feel obligated to hold ourselves up to unrealistic standards about how to go about our spiritual practice.

In this video, I’ll get real with you about how the Wheel of the Year is supporting us to be true to ourselves, no matter where we are in our journey!

How have you been able to relate to the Winter Solstice themes this year?

Thank you so much for joining me for this year long journaling adventure! If you haven’t done so already, please sign up for this FREE Wheel of the Year journaling course and receive journal prompts and inspiration in your inbox each month!

wheel of the year sign up banner 2017

Brightest blessings!


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