How can I align my personal and career goals for the good of both myself and the collective?

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Have recent events in the news left you feeling lost, discouraged, or confused about your life’s purpose?

Are political posts in your feed leading you to fear the future, to question your value, and to put a damper on your goals, plans and intentions?

I think a lot of us are feeling a bit confused about our place in the world right now, and rather than getting pulled under the current of confusion, I’ve decided to grab the bull by the horns and take today as an opportunity to discover MORE meaning in my daily life, rather than lose faith.


To get some insight about how to proceed forward with my intentions in a world where so much is in question, I did a Tarot reading for myself this week. I used the intuitive method to ask my “Higher Self,” “how can I align my personal and career goals for the good of both myself and the collective?”

The answer did not surprise me…


All of it was just as I’d suspected, but its nice to have confirmation from Spirit, and to see it visually laid out.

Now, I’m able to put how I’m feeling into words…

The Situation5.jpg

Within each of us, as well as on a collective scale, different passions, intentions, and opinions are duking it out for the lead role, but if we remember that our Higher Self is bigger than this little ego battle, we’ll be able to learn a lot from the present experience.

It isn’t by any means “the end of the world.”However, it is a big deal, as signified by the Major Arcana Justice card.


Things in the individual psyche as well as the collective community cannot be swept under the rug anymore.

It’s time to grow up and face the consequences of our thoughts, words, and deeds. Not only are we seeing the results of our past decisions, but we also see now that how we move forward is a choice as well. We have to step up and take responsibility for which side of the scale we’re putting our faith into now…

Are we choosing to step forward with love or fear leading the way? What we choose each day will make all the difference.

The Soul’s Path


Rather than jumping right into some rash action, my soul’s path is to take some quiet time to really put some higher thought into how to respond to what I’m seeing in the outside world.

…to realize that action is necessary, but to also be aware that good can only come from conscious, heart-centered awareness. That type of action requires turning inward for spiritual guidance before taking up a sward.

Distant Past


Years ago, I made clear to myself that what I wanted out of life was to prove that my creative talent was valuable in the “real world.” I struck up an agreement with The Universe to make that manifest in 3D reality. I knew this would be the concept behind my life path, but couldn’t have known how it would all pan out.

Recent Past


In spite of a lot of very real personal hurtles which I’ve had to jump over to get where I am today, it would appear that life has been fairly kind to me as I took the last few years to learn, grow, and develop emotionally, spiritually, and creatively.

I think at some point last year, when there was a calm in my journey, I was able to get a taste for what fulfillment in every aspect of my life could be like. While the situation itself was not flawless, and that phase was fleeting, it served to incept within me the idea that I could have it all; that it was possible.

Of course, I didn’t yet have the practical means at the time which I would need to really manifest it fully, but I was able to experience what success felt like by what means were available at the time. It was in that vacuum of emotional security that I had the freedom to develop some of the core values and skills that I would need to move forward into the next chapter of my life.

Future Influence


Coming up,  we will have to face the manifestation of willing entrapment. By doing the insane amount of shadow work I’ve been up to for the past couple of years now, I’m more capable of seeing when myself and others are allowing ourselves to remain living in a habit that doesn’t serve our highest good. And it looks like I’ll have to use that sense of intuition that I’ve cultivated more than ever now.

In order to move forward in a healthy way, I’ll be challenged to see where I’m being held back by fear and complacency, and then lead by example to hopefully inspire others to liberate themselves as well.

Myself in the Situation


I was not at all surprised to see The Hanged Man come up as myself in the current situation. It reminds me of the way I’ve been dealing with the social and political climate as a whole lately. Some people seemed appalled by my lack of shock and horror at the US election results, for example… But the fact of the matter is that I’m not shocked or horrified….

This is because I’ve already been in a state of acceptance for some time now, knowing that the world still needs quite a bit of healing. I don’t know if I can put my finger on exactly when I became acutely aware of that fact, but I’m not completely knocked off center by current events, because I’ve already been doing the inner work to “prepare” for something like this.

That doesn’t mean I like the negative things that are coming up in our society; I’m aware that it’s making for a bizarre and uncomfortable  situation… But I’m choosing to see this strange position the world is in as a sort of challenging yoga pose, so to speak.

By being forced to turn things on their head and see the world and our place in it from a different perspective, we have a unique opportunity to evolve and expand our horizons in ways never before possible!

Environmental Factors


All around me, I sense a vibe of fear, entrapment, and helplessness. I too have temporary moments of feeling immobilized by the type of fear which comes along with not knowing how to help or what to do next; feeling lost and powerless to begin to facilitate positive change…

But the higher part of my consciousness has been aware all along that what we need to break free of that victimhood is a shift in perspective. What’s needed right now is to find the delicate balance between seeing clearly and allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed by what we see in the world. We must remove the blindfold and untie the arm restraints, so to speak.

What’s tying us down and blinding us from seeing a bigger picture is B.S. (belief systems). It’s time to look at things with our own two eyes, to form our own opinions of our own experiences and influences, rather than simply reacting to what’s fed to us through the media. We also must free our arms so that we may take our power back and help ourselves first. That is the only way to have the power to help others.

We’re only powerless to help the community when we’re immobilized by false belief systems and our own perceived limitations.

Emotional Climate


Emotionally, its time to accept the past for what it was and turn to face the future, taking up what values, tools, and opportunities are available in the now.

Learn from the past and use it to empower ourselves in what ways are currently healthy and relevant. Move beyond the “mourning” phase of disappointment at unfulfilled expectations and step forward with courage from a heart-centered and soul-empowered place.

Overall Advice


And finally the overall advice here is to take up a new calling with a renewed sense of passion and intention.

This symbolism has very particular meaning for me right now, because the symbol of the Wand has been extremely prominent in the evolution of my spiritual and creative development. This is what inspired the invention of my Writing Wand. Its more than just an object to me. It represents an even deeper level of meaning for everything I do and stand for, both as a witch and as a creative entrepreneur.


The symbol of the wand itself represents will, power, intention, determination, and action. The ability to create change through personal sovereignty, through self gnosis. If completion is the trinity of thought, word, and deed, then the pen represents that vital link in between the intangible feelings and the tangible action step.

The best way to get in tune with our personal truth is to organize our thoughts and then make them manifest in physical reality. Is that not one giant metaphor journaling magick?

2 wand

So it would appear that the way I can use my skills and passions to best serve both myself and my community is to go even more bravely and whole-heartedly into what I do best: awareness through the practice of the written word, and through taking ACTIONS that are directly aligned with my vision of the world I want to live in.

And I feel this same advice applies to you, as you are reading this. Writing may or may not be your particular form of expression, but how can you use your passion project as an agent of positive change?



After doing this reading in November of 2017 saw a courageous rebirth of the my blog. While I have remained focused on popular paganism topics, and on creating the handcrafted witchcraft tools that kickstarted my career, there has also been a major shift in the overall mission statement of my brand.

It occurred to me after doing this Tarot reading that my mission is less about the general discussion of witchcraft and paganism, and more about effecting change on our reality, including through the power of the spiritual writing practice.

To me, being a Witch isn’t just about copying down somebody’s dogmatic spell instructions into your grimoire. Being a Witch is something much more than that, and keeping a book of shadows is about finding the power to write your own story, both on and off the pages of your journal. The mission is to know thyself.


Photo: My painter friend, Abby with my Secrets of the Sea Magick Diary.

Thank you for supporting me and inspiring me along this journey! I’m looking forward to connecting with you more on a deeper level and sharing our truths as we move forward into the next chapter.

Can you relate to this feeling that its time to step into your best self and put your highest calling on the front burner?

If you’re looking for more insight into where you’re at right now, and for more guidance on how to progress forward in a healthy way, please feel free to contact me for a Tarot clarity session!


Brightest blessings to you and yours!

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5 thoughts on “How can I align my personal and career goals for the good of both myself and the collective?

    1. Yay! A new Tarot student! I’m so glad to hear this is helpful to you. Honestly, I still consider myself to be a lifelong student of the Tarot. There’ always more to learn about it! I’m excited for you to begin your “Fool’s Journey” into the vast world of Tarot! Let me know if you ever need advice or an opinion 🙂 Blessings!


  1. I loved reading this again!! I could literally copy every single paragraph from this post and comment on it, it is so spot on!

    “I’ll be challenged to see where I’m being held back by fear and complacency”

    “Move beyond the “mourning” phase of disappointment at unfulfilled expectations and step forward with courage from a heart-centered and soul-empowered place.”

    This is exactly where I am right now with the ending of my marriage. I went through denial and anger and am now transitioning into grief. Each place has taught me so much and I want to coalesce the learnings into forward growth. I’m planning on doing a new moon meditation tonight and writing on the ideas from this reading to step into my own power, for the benefit of my self and my community. Thank you so much for re-sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re transitioning through a rough time. But it’s great to hear that this reading has inspired you to seek a new sense of empowerment!


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