Magick is the POWER to write your own story!

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Hello, Friend!

I’m Afura Nefertiti Fareed, your guide for taking your life and biz from MUNDANE to MAGICKAL!

Whether your goal is to have your own thriving magickal business, or just to live in your fullest divine expression, I’m your girl!

I help biz witches, artists and intuitives brand themselves with energetically aligned business strategy and mindset coaching…

And I’m also a self-development mentor for magickal peeps who are on a spiritual journey that doesn’t necessarily involve quitting their day job!

Because creatives and dreamers are born to change the world!


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Using Magick to manifest your REAL LIFE goals is NOT supposed to be complicated!

I had to figure out how to do it on my own, the hard way… Let me give you the shortcut in one hour!

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 Work It, Witch Radio is your dose of wild inspiration from the most magickal mavens on the internet! In this series, we’re chatting with online spiritual boss babes and biz witches as we share our best biz tips and magickal mindset hacks… And you can TOTALLY come sit with us! We’re getting real about the journey and raising the vibes, because creatives and intuitives are born to change the world! Listen HERE.


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Wealthy Wise Witch Weekly is your weekly “witch slap” of biz witch branding and lifestyle tips from yours truly! Videos and articles HERE!


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Qween of Cups TV is an enchanting glimpse into the magickal lives of two witches of Qween City! We’re getting real about what it’s like to be a modern witch in today’s world, and answering your questions about how to balance magick and #adulting to live your life feeling magickal AF HERE!


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